The Woman Eater, Aboriginal pictograph, Northern Territory, Australia

Golden Fish, Aboriginal pictograph, Northern Territory, Australia

About the Artist

Leon Yost is a professional photographer who has worked as a location scout for the BBC and is published in Time-Life Books, American Photo, The New York Times and many other publications. He has documented Native American rock art with his painter-wife Erma Martin Yost since 1976. In 1993 they toured northeastern Australia’s outback, finding intriguing comparisons in the art of the ancient Aboriginals.

After 26 solo gallery exhibitions and two solo museum exhibitions–the Jersey City Museum in 1979 and the San Diego Museum of Man in 1997–Yost continues to seek out rock art sites wherever he can find them. You may contact him at ermaleon@gmail.com or follow him on facebook.com/leon.yost

About the Work

Image 1: “The Woman Eater,” Nabulwinjbulwinj is a dangerous spirit who kills and then eats women who disobey the tribal laws. Nayombolmi painted this ‘x-ray style’ version in 1964. Nayombolmi was a virtuoso artist whose paintings are exactingly designed and easily recognizable as his. Photograph, 1993, Nourlangie Rock, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

Image 2: Natural stains create a bubbling background for these “Golden Fish,” seemingly swimming through watery rapids. Photograph, 1993, Ubirr, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia

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